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Merge other Feedjack-Fork?
Date: 2011-10-10 16:07:38
User: fraggod

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    fraggod added on 2011-10-10 16:07:38 UTC:
    Well, straight "git clone git://fraggod.net/feedjack.git" should work fine, although branch names there are from fossil, so main branch there is "trunk" instead of "master", it's hard to miss. My bad for not providing this URL in the first place.
    Haven't got around to look into cgit issue there though.

    Shifting common things like tags and foaf, as feedjack-extension aims to do, into some maintained extension looks like a good idea if it will push some complexity out of the feedjack code (which I'm not actually sure about), although it'd probably introduce more changes into database schema, thus some migration mechanism from [b46702e024] should be a prequisite for that.

    Foaf should probably be a straightforward conversion, but tags' overhaul (django-tagging, separate themes for tags, contextual clouds, etc) would need someone who actually uses these.
    Currently I don't use tags at all (there are no tag clouds in theme I use), so I can probably only break things there. Since my use-case is to skim over everything in the feeds I add (otherwise why track them?), these clouds are not needed, but I can see how they can be useful for a planet-style public aggregator.