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Artifact ID: 29c3ee95f5c1297dbc3d52d6a28edc63bcaeda2e
Page Name:Feedjack fg-fork
Date: 2011-10-11 03:02:00
Original User: fraggod
Parent: 8bf0cd6f8e40ccf50e89bd98bd93199f502fc832

Feedjack fg-fork

Feedparser-based feed aggregation django app.

Used to produce stuff in feeds section, delivering all the news I care about.


Original (vanilla) feedjack looks pretty abandoned - no real updates since 2008 (with quite a live history before that).
Feedparser itself isn't much better for that matter (at least when it comes to releases, svn looks more lively), but it's purpose is fairly simple and feed formats haven't really changed since 2005, so that's not so bad.

The issues with no-updates to feedjack for me are compatibility concerns with django (1.2 atm), a few quirks and oversights and a bit lacking functionality in regard to post-processing and filtering of the fetched stuff. A bit weird ordering or template bug can be solved by patches, but processors or filters require more hacking than that, so I call the whole thing a fork.
Guess I'll try to push the stuff back to the upstream, although I've had to revise quite a lot of original code-style to be comfortable with it, so it's hard to cherry-pick real functionality changes from this stuff now.