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Merge other Feedjack-Fork?
Date: 2011-08-04 10:36:33
User: anonymous

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    anonymous added on 2011-08-04 10:36:33 UTC:
    feedgroups: just grouping feeds at one site. I want to read all feeds at one site, but sometimes i just want to read a specific group. with our new theme its obvious how this is useful, look at the bottom where the groups are listed. maybe its clearer, when you try using feedjack as feedreader instead of just as a planet ;).

    > feedjack.views.feedtitle handler, as it's exposed now is a security risk - one can pass it "/etc/passwd" or "file:///etc/passwd" and urlopen should read that file just fine. oh, i need to look into it.

    what i think is not that good solved is, if you do not fill in some fields, the value of the parente field is copied in the admin interface. imho the field should just stay empty, and feedjack should copy the value of the parent field on access, so it stays obvious, that the value is set in parent and the value follows changing parent values.

    great that you merges the code, is your git repo usable, yet? Look into feedgroups with the perspective of a webbased feedreader, then you will see that they are useful. I would not want to visit 10 feedreaders to read all feeds i am interested in, so i group it in one site.

    -- allo