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Local exheres collection

Collection of exheres, which are relevant to me.


As timeline shows, I've abandoned this repo usage long ago, and migrated most exhereses to git.
It's not empty and removed itself only because I'm a bit lazy moving the rest of the stuff to git.


Exheres is a simple shell-like format (EAPI) of scripts for paludis package manager, describing how to download and build/install package for source-based OS (I'd have said linux-distro, but it's quite generic and can work with *BSD or pretty much anything, really) like exherbo.


Not much, really.

I've just started using exherbo on one of the laptops just to check out it's features (as opposed to gentoo, which I tend to use everywhere else), and since it's fairly new distro, existing repositories aren't really extensive, so this one is mainly for packages that exherbo lacks, mostly ported from existing gentoo ebuilds (and these can be found in my gentoo overlay, if not more official repos/overlays/b.g.o).

Guess I'll try to hook it up with official exherbo repo sources if there'd be something to be really proud of ;)


As you can see, this repo is a fossil, and there's no syncer for that in paludis outta-the-box, so the first sync have to be manual. Here's a quick howto:

Quite long for a simple sync, huh.

Alternatively, "dofossil" syncer can be fetched along with the binary and just dropped into /usr/libexec/paludis/syncers (see docs), and the repo pulled in like any other.
Dunno which way is easier or more correct one though.