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Name:Kazantsev Mikhail Sergeyevich (Казанцев Михаил Сергеевич)
usually I abbreviate first name as Mike
Date of birth:28 July 1985 (age: 33)
Place of birth:City of Sverdlovsk, USSR
Location:Southwest distr., Yekaterinburg, Russia
Education:Middle school, unfinished university
PGP / GPG Key:0x9CF25E71, can also be acquired via usual means at
X.509 core certificate:fg_core_ca.crt, used to sign all services' crtz as well
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I'm a bit of a technology enthusiast, free software developer, hacker, hacktivist and maybe a cypherpunk.

Prefer to spend my time hacking up, fixing or setting up whatever I genuinely like, hang out on the internets, hike, read good fiction books, watch and listen to an occasional media channel (tech talks and opinions, podcasts, lets plays, popcorn variety), play some single-player games, mostly in that order.

To get some idea of what I'm currently up to, head to github page, irc nets or my occasionally-updated blog maybe.