Hi there!

This is a personal webspace of Mike Kazantsev.

I'm a software developer and sysadmin, usually working (both for some employer and in my spare time) with free and open source software, networks and the web.

Here, you should be able to find:

  • info on some of my personal projects;
  • public files and repositories I didn't find convenient or reasonable to host anywhere else (also I just generally prefer to keep the stuff mirrored);
  • web interfaces to some appications I use (like newsfeeds aggregation), although most are non-public;
  • extended contact information and basic profile;
  • maybe even some photos and info on non-IT-related activities.

If you've stumbled upon this IP by seeing it in some service logs (scm, some api, email, jabber, irc, tor relay, etc), it can usually be a connection from either one of many a services or automated scripts hosted on this IP by me, or my direct activities (from behind NAT or proxy).

I'd appreciate if you'll report any abnormal, malicious or just batshit-insane stuff coming from this IP to me.

On the internets, you should be able to find me in the IRC on freenode and oftc networks as MK_FG, on some mailing lists under my full name and more generally in context of various open-source projects as "mk.fg", "mk_fg" or "fraggod" (list of various ids).

Info on my more-or-less major activities usually also leak out into a blog, so feel free to drop by.

You won't find much of me on various conventional social networks or twitter, since I usually don't find these activities particulary interesting or just too noisy.

See contacts page for any feedback or if you're here just for these.

If you're looking for something in particular, sitemap or search box in the top-right corner of the page might help.

I've scrapped previous twisted-nevow site and this one is mostly unfinished as I've put it together ad-hoc (and it's been that way since 2010), so some content that was here before (and was linked from here) might be missing, but I'll probably restore it... eventually... maybe.

Oh, and it's all hosted on a local server, which is usually extremely low-spec machine (like mini-ITX platform with Atom CPU or even ARM board these days), so please don't torture it too much ;)

Thanks for stopping by!