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This is my small homepage with various personal/contact info and links.

(Romanized) Name:Mike Kazantsev
Age:around since 1985-07-28
Public Email:
Chats: mk-fg on OFTC,, other IRCs and Discord; Telegram
Pubkeys [?]: ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIMaN55jjoXpzPzs8daxrZGWEpGMdKvLVPIyff/ngA24F

I mostly tinker with FOSS software stacks, networks, electronics/embedded, hike or play/mod long SP games.
Usually go by "mk-fg" or "FraGGod" (old gamer tag) on the internets, feel free to say hi wherever you spot it.
See github and blog for some broad info on what I'm currently up to.

Work stuff

Mostly work as some kind of developer/sysadmin for linux stuff, with networks, clouds or quite often quasi-embedded ARM boards, sometimes involving kernel hacking, loads of data, making UIs, Web and WebUIs (a kind you make with d3.js).
Worked as a webdev and later on systems software and broad devops stuff with racks of highload server/database infrastructure at past dayjobs. Don't really miss these.
If you found this wrt some old, current or new contract, drop an email anytime.

This IPv4 / IPv6 / Host

Page is hosted on some shoddy home server and uplink, so might not be around all the time.
If here due to this address popping-up in any unexpected places, please do let me know.

Pics or GTFO

No idea why anyone would want it, but every homepage tends to have one, so here's link to some-old-photo.jpg.

Thanks for stopping by :)