aka my homepage


This is my small homepage with various personal/contact info and links.

(Romanized) Name:Mike Kazantsev
Age:around since 1985-07-28
Public Email: (+hangouts/gchat)
Chats: mk-fg on OFTC,, other IRCs and Discord; Telegram
Twitter:@_mkfg, if you must

I mostly tinker with FOSS software stacks, networks, electronics/embedded, hike or play/mod long SP games.
See github and blog for some broad info on what I'm currently up to.
Usually go by "mk-fg" or "FraGGod" on the internets, feel free to say hi wherever you spot it.

Work stuff

Mostly work as some kind of developer/sysadmin for linux stuff, with networks, clouds or quite often quasi-embedded ARM boards, sometimes involving kernel hacking, loads of data, making UIs, Web and WebUIs (a kind you make with d3.js).
Worked as a webdev and later on systems software and broad devops stuff with racks of highload server/database infrastructure at past dayjobs. Don't really miss these.
If you found this wrt some old, current or new contract, drop an email anytime.

This IPv4 / IPv6 / Host

Page is hosted on some shoddy home server and uplink, so might not be around all the time.
If here due to this address popping-up in any unexpected places, please do let me know.

Pics or GTFO

No idea why anyone would want it, but every homepage tends to have one, so here's link to some-old-photo.jpg.

Thanks for stopping by :)